KWC Mulberry & Salacia Extract - 60 Capsules

KWC Mulberry & Salacia Extract - 60 Capsules

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For healthy blood sugar level KWC Mulberry and Salacia Extract consists of traditional ayurvedic plants: tree liane of salacia, white mulberry and fenugreek. The botanical ingredients in the supplement help to control the blood sugar level and protect against type 2 diabetes. Mulberries have the ability to suppress meal-induced increases in blood sugar level. They can also improve digestion and reduce occurrences of constipation and bloating. Salacia extract contains several phytochemicals that may inhibit carbohydrate digestive enzymes in your small intestine, which slows the final digestive step before glucose absorption. Another main ingredient in KWC Mulberry and Salacia Extract, alpha-lipoic acid, aids weight loss and support a healthy metabolism. DIRECTIONS 2 capsules a day during meals INGREDIENTS White mulberry leaves extract, salacia roots extract, alpha-lipoic acid, fenugreek seeds extract, chromium

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