KWC Lactobacterium & Fucoidan - 60 capsules

US$ 37.05

NEW STOCK! EXP 05/2021 For healthy gastrointestinal system Lactobacterium improves digestion, aids healthy bowel movement and normalises the intestinal microflora and reduces toxic build-up in body system. Supplementing your diet with KWC Lactobacterium & Fucoidan helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent chronic diseases of the digestive tract and a boost for stronger immune system. KWC Lactobacterium & Fucoidan contains brown seaweed mozuku extract with fucoidan, which may help promote weight loss and is a source of iron, magnesium and dietary fibre. Dietary fibre helps improve digestion and reduce fat absorption. DIRECTIONS 2 capsules per day during meals INGREDIENTS Plant lactobacilli, brown seaweed mozuku extract with fucoidan, soluble dietary fiber, insoluble dietary fiber

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