KWC Glucosamine  Chondroitin - 210 tablets

KWC Glucosamine & Chondroitin - 210 tablets

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EXPIRATION DATE: Feb/2020 For flexible joints and ligaments A supplement that aims to prevent inflammatory and metabolic diseases of the osseous-articular system. Glucosamine is produced naturally in your body and plays a role in joint health. It helps build and repair cartilage that connects the joints. It helps to restore intra-articular metabolism, improves the absorption of calcium in bone tissue, and relieves joint pain. Chondroitin is a major constituent of the connective tissue in your body known as cartilage, which helps cushion your joints and prevent your bones from rubbing against each other. It ensures regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue and joints, improves their blood supply, has an analgesic and has anti-inflammatory effect. Taking KWC Glucosamine & Chondroitin helps to increase mobility of joints and elasticity of muscles, strengthens ligaments and reduces pain and may be preventive against diseases like osteoarthritis which happens when cartilage breaks down. Content : 350mg x 210 capsules) Directions: 7 tablets per day during meals. Consult a medical doctor or pharmacist if you are taking other medication/ health supplement. Ingredients : glucosamine hydrochloride (shrimp shell origin) , shark cartilage extract , Uncaria tomentosa extract , boswellia extract , maltitol (from tapioka) E965i , crystalline cellulose E460i , silicon dioxide E551 , sucrose fatty acid ester E473.

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