KWC Coenzyme Q10 - 60 capsules
KWC Coenzyme Q10 - 60 capsules

KWC Coenzyme Q10 Active - 60 capsules

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- Increases energy - Provides antioxidant protection & delays premature aging - Improves lipid composition of blood - Better, more regulated metabolism Coenzyme Q10 is a protein-based catalyst for generation of energy in cells, necessary for energy supply. It is involved in production of 95% of all cellular energy of the body. KWC Coenzyme Q10 increases the stamina of the body under physical and emotional stress. It helps the body recover from stress, boosts energy and fight chronic fatigue syndrome. The biological supplement serves as antioxidant eliminating the damaging effects of free radicals to cells and slows down the process aging. As we age, our body’s ability to create its own Coenzyme Q10 declines and this may lead to fatigue, low immunity and heart disease. Taking Coenzyme Q10 supplements can help to boost our immune system, strengthen our cardiovascular system and is believed to be preventive against heart diseases. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant to eliminate damaging effects of free radicals on cells. DIRECTIONS 2 capsules a day with meals

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