Heynature Erseongcho Cream - 50g

Heynature Erseongcho Cream - 50g

SGD 41.90

- Moisturises skin from within - Stabilises stressed out skin - Treats acne - Protects and strengthens skin - Restores skin elasticity - Lightweight, non-greasy Recreate naturally, healthy skin with active ingredient Erseongcho. Using the most natural and nourishing ingredients, Heynature’s new and improved Erseongcho Cream is safe for use on sensitive skin. This cream is refreshing on skin, non-oily and suitable for all skin types, (particularly blemish-prone and sensitive skin) that can be used daily to fight skin problems like acne and excessive oil production and dullness. Containing erseongcho extract, olive oil and jojoba oil, the cream calms and reduces external stress on skin, improving immunity of acne-prone and damaged skin. KEY INGREDIENTS Erseongcho (Houttuynia cordata) extract - Antibacterial - Improves immunity of skin to fight pimples - Restores skin elasticity Olive oil - Antioxidant properties - Speeds up skin cell renewal Evening Primrose Oil - Anti-aging - Brightens skin - Reduces moisture loss Cordyceps extract - Anti-aging - Promotes better circulation Centella asiatica extract - Repairs skin - Boost skin metabolism - Improves skin suppleness - Protects skin from environmental factors Jojoba Oil - Nourishing hydration - Revive skin vitality DIRECTIONS Squeeze a small amount (approx. 1.5cm) of cream onto fingertips. Apply onto face and spread out product evenly. Massage face gently to allow product to be absorbed into skin.

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