Maskwash 1+1

Maskwash 1+1

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  • Anti-bacterial and deodorising properties
  • Coats masks to enhance protection from viruses and particles
  • Protective barrier against harmful substances (e.g. formaldehyde)
  • Absorbs fine dust and eliminates unpleasant odours
  • KCL safety-tested (free from harmful ingredients e.g. lead)


MuAhChoAh MaskWash from Korea that protects you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria, fine dust and toxic particles!

Adopting microporous thin-film coating technology, this innovative spray improves efficiency of masks in protecting wearers.

Providing anti-bacterial benefits while containing no harmful chemicals and preservatives, MaskWash is safe and beneficial in protecting and keeping us healthy. MaskWash improves the quality of the mask by coating the surface, which filters fine dust and deodorises by absorbing unpleasant odours.

Moreover, harmful substances such as formaldehyde are blocked from entering through the mask surface.

  • 100ml

    Natural Zeolite, ionized water, ethanol, Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

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