Dr SPACE Steriliser

Dr SPACE Steriliser

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  • Kills virus and bacteria
  • Antimicrobial
  • Space sanitiser used in South Korea's public Metro stations, banks & hospitals
  • Removes odour instantly
  • Covers up to 33m2 range
  • Lasts up to 60 days (365 Days, 24 Hours)
  • Non-alcohol
  • Colourless, No residue & Odourless
  • Excellent adherence on applied surfaces (masks, towels, clothes etc.)
  • Protects surfaces, keeping them clean and bacteria-free


Quality Management & Labelling in accordance with the Industrial Product Safety Control Act 1588-5431



To open the cover of dispenser, place it upright or flat down and push the button on the top marked (-).
Insert two AA batteries correctly. Please check the polarity of both batteries.


To set the spray intervals, push the switch to desired option. 7.5 minutes to 30 minutes.
Turn on the power by pushing the switch button to ON.
Close the cover securely.
Place the dispenser in a desired location, preferably at the height where air-conditioner is installed.

Keep out of reach of young children and pets. 
Do not leave product under direct sunlight.
Do not deform the solution bottle.
For external use only. (This product is not a medicine. Please do not consume.)

  • Countries of Origin

    Solution made in Korea
    Dispenser made in China

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